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Demonstrate compliance with local planning policies for onsite renewables or carbon reduction

  • Produce low cost energy statements to support planning applications (only £210 inc VAT)
  • Obtain high level feasibility and cost/benefit analysis on suitable renewable technologies
  • Estimate energy and CO2 savings from adding energy efficiency measures

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Local Authorities



Find out how to meet local planning requirements for on site renewables, using any technology you like, within 20 minutes.


You do not need to be a technical expert to use Enplanner. It is intuitive and jargon-free, with easy-access to online help and a glossary.


Enplanner allows you to produce an energy statement for your development for only £210 inc VAT. View a sample energy statement produced from Enplanner.


Enplanner is designed and run by independent industry professionals. It is completely impartial and uses national standards and benchmarks throughout.


Enplanner is powered by the Encraft renewables and resource databases which are actively maintained with the latest data and standards.


Enplanner only uses basic data about your projects and is completely secure.


Single use

Enplanner can be used on a one-off basis by purchasing a credit once you have registered and logged in. A credit is required to create each project.

Purchasing a credit is easy, as payment is taken securely within Enplanner and then the credit is applied instantly to your account. A credit gives you full access to all Enplanner features and benefits.

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Multliple use

If you are going to be using Enplanner for multiple projects, it is better value to purchase multiple credits.

Buying 10 Credits at £1500 offers a 30% discount on purchasing credits indivdually.

For further information or to purchase an Enplanner licence, please contact Encraft on 01926 312159 or email us at enquiries@encraft.co.uk.